"Being able to provide real-time, automated access to information is a key component in our vision for best-in-class service."

-John Top, Director of Operations, Quality Claims Solutions

Having trouble finding a completed claim file? Don't have access to your completed file while on the road or at a different location? Curious about the status of a claim you submitted earlier today? We have the solution.

The QCS web site allows you to search for claims and view completed files, or request status on an open file. Simply search by claim number, dates, location, or other parameters to find the claim you are looking for and download the completed PDF file. The tool gives you real-time access to your completed files on-line anytime.

The web tool saves time, whether you are looking up an old claim or if your are inquiring about the status a claim you just submitted. This is only one of the many convenient features you benefit from, when you take advantage of the great services Quality Claims Solutions has to offer.

If you would like to use the Claim Search tool, as well as, take advantage of the cost-effective benefits of our value added services, please feel free to contact QCS anytime, or simply request an account and give it a try today.