QCS Damage Estimate Audit Reporting

"In today's marketplace, having access to useful, real-time data is a key component to managing severity and expenses."

-Steve Bruce, President, Quality Claims Solutions

QCS provides a robust reporting system that is constantly evolving. With over 20 separate reports, all subject to a multitude of narrowing parameters, QCS is able to provide countless variations on reporting estimate data.

Some of the key reporting features that Quality Claims Solutions provides are:

  • On-Demand, Real-time Reports - QCS offers a number of reports online that you can access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The data for these reports is updated real-time; you can be assured that you are getting up to the minute data. The reports can be narrowed by parameters such as: dates, adjuster, location, shop and many more. The reports are exported as PDF documents to provide a solid, standard medium for viewing and saving.
  • Monthly Report Distribution - Whether you decide to access your reports online or not, QCS also offers a paperless distribution of standard monthly reports. These reports will come through your email each month with attached PDF documents of some of our standard summaries as well as detailed information.
  • Useful, Readable Reporting Formats - The management staff at Quality Claims Solutions have completed hundreds of revisions on these reports based on their own usability, as well as suggestions from clients. Although the reporting system at QCS never stops evolving, the reporting formats used today are refined and have proven to be exceptionally useful in making strategic business decisions for your claims management.

If you are interested in learning more about QCS and taking advantage of our reporting system, as well as, the many other great features we offer, please feel free to contact QCS, or simply request a QCS User Account and give it a try today.