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Estimate Audit Service

EAS is the appraisal review service offered by Quality Claims Solutions that provides timely information to help you make better decisions. This quality process provides real-time reviews of open claim estimates from repair facilities, as well as independent appraisals or subrogation.

Experienced Professions

Estimate audits are performed by highly experienced auto material damage professionals. Utilizing the industry's leading collision estimating system, appraisals are reviewed using P-page logic procedures and client guidelines. Checks, balances, and comparisons are then applied to help you reach a better settlement decision.

Quality Audit Process
  • Estimate is sent to EAS electronically or via fax.
    • Assignment is dispatched to Audit Specialist for review.
    • Estimate is reviewed using collision estimating software.
    • Alternative parts are sourced and applied per client guidelines.
    • Agreed price with repair facility provides: contact name, Federal Tax ID and estimated number of days to complete repairs.
    • After the final audit, the estimate and summary information are faxed or e-mailed to the client and relevant statistics are logged.
    • Complementary monthly management reports are provided to clients.
  • Reduces file handling time by providing verified:
    • Price
    • Part Availability
    • Repair Time
    • Estimate Content
  • Reduces supplements and administrative expenses
  • Provides consistent application of business philosophies and claim management policies
  • Helps identify possible total losses
  • Improves customer service
Auto/Light Truck