Appraisal/Re-inspection Network
Appraisal Network

Quality Claims Solutions has teamed up with some of the industry leaders to provide you a one stop solution for all your appraisal needs. Our network appraisal firms serve many of the top insurance companies and provide a foundation for national coverage. Our goal is to provide quality solutions by integrating web based technologies and implementing best practices.


Re-inspections can be performed upon request or can be a set standard or sampling. Our solution of random re-inspections performed by licensed appraisers, serves as a means of quality assurance or checks and balances.

      Example re-inspection exceptions:
  • Billed for repairs not completed
  • Parts repaired not replaced
  • Parts not repaired but replaced
  • Duplicate items
  • Missed damage
  • No Damage
  • Labor underwrite
  • Previous damage
  • Refinish labor
  • Part utilized
  • Part prices